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Chrys Kefalas is a principled conservative—and has spent his life fighting for the people of Maryland.

As a business leader with a long history of success, Chrys knows what it takes to build opportunity, create jobs, and give a voice to our middle class.

As a key leader of the National Association of Manufacturers, Chrys has tirelessly defended Maryland workers and the businesses that make our economy grow.

Chrys refuses to accept that manufacturing’s best days are behind us. And he refuses to accept anything less than American global leadership—starting right here in Maryland.

Chrys has stood his ground for the conservative principles that make America exceptional: free enterprise, personal freedom, equal opportunity and fiscal responsibility.

Chrys was the youngest attorney ever to serve as Deputy Legal Counsel to the Governor of Maryland, under Bob Ehrlich. As a key executive with the National Association of Manufacturers, the largest industrial trade association in the United States, Chrys charted a course for strengthening manufacturing in Maryland and America and advanced American global leadership.

As a skilled defender of our Constitution, Chrys has served on the front lines of the fight for justice and freedom.

As a trial and appellate attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice, Chrys represented the United States in hundreds of important cases. He even crafted some of the U.S. Attorney General's groundbreaking positions on personal freedom and criminal justice reform.

As a proud son of Maryland, and a grandson of Greek immigrants, Chrys will never forget where he came from—or who he's fighting for.

Born in East Baltimore and raised in Parkville, Chrys attended Baltimore County public schools and is a graduate of Calvert Hall College High School in Towson, Loyola University Maryland, and the University of Baltimore School of Law.

As a public servant, Chrys has worked hard to fix Maryland’s problems.

Chrys and his family know the struggles facing Maryland’s small businesses and middle class. They built Costas Inn in Dundalk—by focusing on hard work and doing the little things right. At Costas Inn, Chrys learned what it takes to run a business—and he learned that the middle class is better off when government gets out of the way and allows people to succeed. His hard work has helped keep his family’s restaurant open since 1971.

Career Highlights

  • Vice President, National Association of Manufacturers—fighting for the dreamers, makers and builders of Maryland and America.
  • Small business start at Costas Inn Restaurant—learned and lived the values of hard work, persistence, and perseverance.
  • Deputy Legal Counsel to Governor Bob Ehrlich—advised the governor and administration on ways to make Maryland a better place to live, work, and raise a family, and led innovative and historic criminal justice reforms.
  • Business lawyer—named by Smart CEO Magazine as one of Maryland’s “Legal Elite.”
  • Trial and appellate attorney, U.S. Department of Justice—worked to save lives and protect families.
  • Speechwriter to the Attorney General of the United States—extended the circle of opportunity and freedom to more Americans.

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