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Chrys Kefalas Declares Historic Run For US Senate

Business leader and former deputy legal counsel to Gov. Robert Ehrlich, Jr., launches campaign to serve Maryland

BALTIMORE – Today Baltimore native Chrys Kefalas announced his candidacy to serve the people of Maryland as their next United States Senator.

“I’m running for the U.S. Senate because Marylanders have asked for a real choice and a different direction. The same politicians who’ve created the messes we’re in can’t possibly make our state and country safer and stronger. Throughout my career I’ve served my neighbors and fought for opportunity for everyone. I will work every day to fight to give small businesses and the middle class a seat at the table. And I will lead a campaign everyone in Maryland can be proud of,” said Kefalas.

The proud grandson and son of Greek immigrants, Kefalas learned the values of hard work and determination at Costas Inn, his family’s restaurant in Dundalk, and around the dinner table at home. These values served Marylanders well as Kefalas was named deputy legal counsel to former Gov. Robert Ehrlich, and then later in his career at the U.S. Department of Justice. A staunch advocate for the contributions of small businesses and manufacturers to a strong economy, Kefalas then joined the senior ranks of the National Association of Manufacturers.

“Customer service — listening, learning, caring and solving problems — is what Marylanders expect from my family’s restaurant. And Marylanders have told me, it’s time we demand the same from our elected leaders. The establishment — on the left and on the right — thinks they will select Maryland’s next U.S. Senator. But this Senate seat belongs to no one person, no politician and no political party. It belongs to the people of Maryland.”

While Kefalas is perhaps best known as one of the lead conservative proponents for marriage equality in Maryland, what is less well-known is his role as key advisor on Gov. Ehrlich’s criminal justice reforms, including as the architect of the Executive Clemency program, and as the go-to counsel for the defense of Gov. Ehrlich and then-Secretary Larry Hogan against the legislative inquiry into the administration’s personnel practices.

To read more about Kefalas, visit Follow Kefalas’ campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

Please take a moment to view Chrys Kefalas’ message on “Customer Service.”

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